Using Instagram Stories to Boost Your Business

Over the past two years, Instagram Stories has evolved, and now it's a highly competitive channel for business marketing. The Stories which include posts of photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours is one of the most popular features on Instagram with over 400 million daily users (June 2018).

Currently, this feature is used by businesses to enhance their visibility and engagement. Brands are using Instagram Stories to generate user-specific content in order to interact with their audience, increase their engagement rates, website conversions, leads or sales.

As Instagram noted in June 2018, 'Stories has evolved to become the home for self-expression and casual sharing for more than 400 million Instagrammers every day'. Instagram Stories feature is definitely the fastest growing format on Instagram, with more than 400 million accounts who use Instagram Stories every day. there are many approaches that you can implement to take advantages of the Instagram Stories feature. The following are just a few practical cases.

Increase your brand awareness - You can use Instagram Stories to show your target audience what you have been working on, sneak peaks of what is happening behind the scenes or when you are launching new products.

Drive traffic to your website - With options like 'add links to Stories', you can repurpose your blog content, invite your audience to read the latest blog posts or promote some 'HowTo's articles.

Promote products or launches - Your target audience needs to feel special and you can use Instagram stories to carry out product promotions, and getting customer feedback on products or services.

Get customer feedback - Instagram Stories offer options like - going live or the questions stiker - which are amazing for getting customer feedback and let people ask you questions.

Generate leads - Instagram Stories has the power to help convert viewers into leads. Create engaging content and give audience a strong reason to lend you their email address. When creating Instagram Stories for your business, include some valuable offerings such as, Discount codes to products, Free eBooks, Free email courses, Free product samples, A chance to win something, and so forth.

Then, the next question is, how to create an Instagram Story strategy for your business? To address this question, Social Insider blog provided a must-read guide "The Complete Guide On How To Use Instagram Stories For Business" which is very helpful. This guide illustrates how to use Instagram Stories for your business, what strategies help you level up your presence on Instagram, what Instagram Stories features intensify the brand awareness with tools and examples of brands that are using this feature to their brand's advantage. Read this guide here:

How to Customize Blogger Description Meta Tag

A web page's meta tags such as title and description can affect how the page is searched and ranked in search engines. SEO experts often recommend for customizing web page's meta tags in order to improve search engine indexing and ranking for the page. As for Google Blogger, questions are asked such as, how to update blogger post meta data, how to edit Blogger description meta tag, how to edit Blogger's og:description tag, how to add meta tags to Blogger posts, and so forth.

In Google Blogger, when you enter Title and Description for your blog, the texts you entered become the blog site's "og:title" and "og:description" meta tags. You are not able to set the "keyword" meta tag easily in Blogger. You can turn on the feature to customize the "description" meta tag for individual post. Here is how to enable the feature of blogger post description tag.

Customize Blogger Description Meta Tag

How to Automatically Show Blogger Image in Twitter Post? - Tricks of Twitter Card

If you want to share a web page article on Twitter, just copy and paste the page URL to tweet it. When you tweet a URL, the Twitter post should show the first image from the web page, along with the title and a short summary displayed under the image in the Twitter post, that is called Twitter Card. It is supposed to work this way, but unfortunately, not always.

When you put a URL to tweet, it may just show to URL but nothing else. This is likely to happen when you copy and paste to tweet URL from your Goggle blogger site that you want to promote in Twitter. Thus, you wonder, why the image from my blogger does not show in Twitter post?

In fact, many questions had been asked regarding displaying images in Twitter, - how to show image and summary automatically when tweeting a URL? how to display an image in Twitter post from a website page? how to include the image automatically when tweeting an article? All the questions pertains to the Twitter Card.

Twitter Size and Action Limits and Standards

Twitter, like other social media platforms, has imposed the standards, specifications, and limits for account setup and operations. The standards and specifications are to advocate the best practice in Twitter activities. Limits are needed to alleviate some of the strain on the behind-the-scenes part of Twitter and reduce downtime and error pages.

What You Need to Know about Recent Changes of Twitter Rules and the Impact on Twitter Marketing

It is a coincidence that both Twitter and Facebook changed their API rules recently. Twitter is a major social media platform used by business owners and individuals for marketing, engagement, and personal social networking. Many people have multiple Twitter accounts for business and personal use. Some people create multiple accounts with similar contents to attempt for increasing the market influence. The new Twitter rule is to address the issue of multiple account abuse and automated spam. The new rule has affected the legitimate use of Twitter tool for Twitter management and engagement. For example, Social Bee, a SaaS social media tool with emphasis on Twitter, had to make adjustments and downgrades on some of the features in response to the new Twitter rules.

Facebook API Changes Affecting Social Media Tools and Facebook Marketing

Facebook API was introduced in 2014 to allow the integration of Facebook functions with the third-party applications. The development of Facebook API facilitated the growing business of social media management and automation tools such as Promo Republic, Social Bee, Planable, and more. The recent changes of rules and restrictions for Facebook API can affect some of the automatic functions and availability of some management features with these tools. What do the API changes mean to Facebook users, especially those who use the third-party Facebook management tools? These FB API changes have two important aspects.

Social Media Image Size 2018 Update

Social media platforms, - Facebook, Twitter, and more, have size specifications for images for the setup and postings. You may wonder, what is the standard size of Facebook header image? what is the preferred picture size of Twitter profile? what is the optimum size of graphs posted to Instagram? and so on. It is important to make the size right for images on each platform. The following guide provide the updated social media image size for 2018.

100 Blog Commenting Tactics

Blog commenting is a practical tactic to promote your business, products, and credentials. This article will give you 100 blog commenting tactics. It contains things on a blog you can comment on and persuasive types of attention-getting words you can use. When you include your website link with your blog comment, it can give you traffic from backlinks and targeted visitors that may buy your products.

How to Write Content That People Will Want to Read

One of the biggest secrets to success when it comes to blogging is knowing how to write content that people will want to read.
Note that this isn’t really about the way you write. Or at least that’s only part of the puzzle.

Instead, writing content that people will go out of their way to read is all about choosing exciting topics, giving them great titles and knowing what it is that makes people click.


A good place to look for some answers is to ‘clickbait’. Clickbait is basically any content that is designed to encourage clicks, even if it isn’t entirely honest in how it goes about that. Normally clickbait titles are purposefully provocative or misleading and this gets people to click on them.

For instance, you’ll see things like ’10 Tips to Transform Your Body – Number 4 Changed My Life!’ or ‘You’ll Never Believe What Happens to This Woman in This Shocking Video!’. For most people, the curiosity/promise of the title will elicit a click even if the content doesn’t live up to that promise.

Clickbait does work and it generates plenty of hits for your website. The problem is that it’s also misleading and as such, it can damage your branding.

The trick is to take what works about clickbait and to use it in a more honest manner.

The Right Type of Title

So let us ask ourselves: what is it about clickbait that makes it so successful?

The answer is that it looks different, it looks interesting and it promises something unique/that you haven’t seen before. It would be fine, if the actual content weren’t so lacking.

And clickbait is even more successful thanks to the sheer draught of interesting content on the web. How many fitness sites have you been to where all the articles are on ’10 ways to get abs’ or ‘how to eat clean to lose weight’. This content is so derivative, we’ve all read it a thousand times!

The key then is to create content that offers something genuinely interesting, that people haven’t seen a thousand times before and that sounds interesting.

For a fitness site, that could look like this:

‘How my fitness addiction nearly ruined my relationship’

‘Cardio acceleration: a new type of cardio fitness that burns 300%+ more fat’

‘Why bodybuilders are stronger than powerlifters’

These sorts of titles are engaging and unique but what’s more is that they’re also meaty and give you the opportunity to write some really great stuff. That’s how you get clicks and build fans!

100 Product Review Ideas

Production reviews make great contents for your blogs. In fact, a lot of blogs were built for the single purpose of product review. This article will give you 100 product review ideas. It contains ideas for the different types of product reviews, the benefits you got from the product, the feelings the product gives you, how the product affected you mentally and physically and if you liked the features of the product. Writing product reviews is an effective way to increase your affiliate commissions.