Using Instagram Stories to Boost Your Business

Over the past two years, Instagram Stories has evolved, and now it's a highly competitive channel for business marketing. The Stories which include posts of photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours is one of the most popular features on Instagram with over 400 million daily users (June 2018). Currently, this feature is used by businesses to enhance their visibility and engagement. Brands are using Instagram Stories to generate user-specific content in order to interact with their audience, increase their engagement rates, website conversions, leads or sales.

As Instagram noted in June 2018, 'Stories has evolved to become the home for self-expression and casual sharing for more than 400 million Instagrammers every day'. Instagram Stories feature is definitely the fastest growing format on Instagram, with more than 400 million accounts who use Instagram Stories every day. there are many approaches that you can implement to take advantages of the Instagram Stories feature. The following are just a few practical cases.

Increase your brand awareness - You can use Instagram Stories to show your target audience what you have been working on, sneak peaks of what is happening behind the scenes or when you are launching new products.

Drive traffic to your website - With options like 'add links to Stories', you can repurpose your blog content, invite your audience to read the latest blog posts or promote some 'HowTo's articles.

Promote products or launches - Your target audience needs to feel special and you can use Instagram stories to carry out product promotions, and getting customer feedback on products or services.

Get customer feedback - Instagram Stories offer options like - going live or the questions stiker - which are amazing for getting customer feedback and let people ask you questions.

Generate leads - Instagram Stories has the power to help convert viewers into leads. Create engaging content and give audience a strong reason to lend you their email address. When creating Instagram Stories for your business, include some valuable offerings such as, Discount codes to products, Free eBooks, Free email courses, Free product samples, A chance to win something, and so forth.

Then, the next question is, how to create an Instagram Story strategy for your business? To address this question, Social Insider blog provided a must-read guide "The Complete Guide On How To Use Instagram Stories For Business" which is very helpful. This guide illustrates how to use Instagram Stories for your business, what strategies help you level up your presence on Instagram, what Instagram Stories features intensify the brand awareness with tools and examples of brands that are using this feature to their brand's advantage. Read this guide here:

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